Roll and bobbin handling systems

For the handling of coils we have a wide range of equipment, whether fixed or portable.

● Vacuum manipulator and articulated arm, model MSB60, which guarantees us the fastening of the coils through a suction mouth that acts through its lateral faces, as long as the shape and dimensions of the coil allow it. Maximum capacity: 150 kg.
● Rotating manipulator with expandable shaft and articulated arm, model SVB60, which allows us to hold the coil by means of a pneumatic expansion shaft through its central hole. Maximum capacity: 150 kg.
● Trolley for handling and transporting heavy coils, model SCB300, which allows us to autonomously handle and transport the coils to be inserted into the machines. Maximum capacity: 300 kg.
● MOOVIT semi-electric stacker with implement for coils. Manual translation equipment, suitable for light loads and for areas with little space to manoeuvre. Maximum capacity: 200 kg.
● LEV stacker. For heavier and bulkier coils. Available in manual or electric version. Maximum capacity: 600 kg.

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Bobbin I

Bobbin III

Bobbin V

Bobbin II

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