Drum handling systems

We have several solutions for handling drums, depending on whether they only need to be lifted or if they also need to be flipped or pivoted.

● MSB100 model vacuum manipulator, with which we can lift the drums either through their upper lid or through their cylindrical surface. Maximum capacity: 150 kg.
● When it is necessary to turn the drum, we have our MSBV100 range that allows us to hold it by vacuum and turn it with a manual handwheel or pneumatic piston. Maximum capacity: 150 kg.
● For heavy drums, we have the STV200, provided with a scissor-type mechanical fastening and turning by means of a reducer and handwheel. Maximum capacity: 300 kg.
We can also offer you mobile equipment such as the
● MOOVIT semi-electric stacker with tools for drums. Manual transfer and electric lifting equipment, suitable for small drums and bottles. Maximum capacity: 200 kg.
● The LEV stacker for heavier and bulkier drums. Available in manual or electric version. Maximum capacity: 600 kg.
● The ROUL FUT wheelbarrow, which allows effortlessly depalletizing a metal or plastic drum with a rim or full opening. Maximum capacity: 200 kg.
● The VIR FUT implement to attach to a forklift. Maximum capacity: 200 kg.

And if you still can't find anything that suits your needs, ask us. We will answer your query.

Drum manipulator I

Drum manipulator III

Drum manipulator II

Drum manipulator IV