Manual and electric chain hoists

Chain hoists are ideal for light and medium loads. Our chain hoists range include:

  • Manual hoist operated by chain.
  • Manual hoist operated by lever.
  • Manual hoist with aluminium casing and V-grade (G100) niquel plated chain.
  • Manual hoist according to ATEX specifications (ATEX certified).
  • DONATI electric chain hoists (see brochure).
  • Electric chain hoist according to ATEX specifications (ATEX certified).

All manual chain hoists can be supplied up to 20 ton load capacity. In the meantime, they can be coupled either with a manual trolley or with a chain operated trolley.

DONATI electric chain hoists are available in a lifting capacity between 125 kg and 4 ton, and may feature one or two speed as well as different lifting strokes. Besides, a manual or motor trolley can accompany them.

These hoists are equipped with load limiter, low voltage electric control equipment and a chain box. For food or pharma industries they can be supplied with stainless steel load hook and chain.

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