Complimentary lifting equipment

For lifting and moving pallets and loads in general, we have the following equipment:

● PAL BAC variable geometry pallet truck, which allows complete cabinets, filing cabinets and similar items to be moved without the need for them to be on a pallet. Its variable geometry allows you to adapt the distance between the forks while it is available in two different fork lengths. It can also be used as a conventional pallet truck to pick up a pallet lengthwise or widthwise.
It can be easily loaded into a commercial vehicle, which makes it much easier to transport. And being a completely mechanical system there is no risk of oil leakage. Capacity : 750 or 1000 kg.
● The MOOVIT battery-powered positioner is the ideal solution for handling light loads. It is tremendously versatile since a wide variety of accessories can be installed on the mast to handle different loads (boxes, coils, bundles, cans,...) and its contained dimensions allow it to move very nimbly in confined spaces.
Available in three capacities: 80, 150 and 200 kg and three lifting paths: 1200, 1600 and 2000 mm.
● The LEV multifunctional stacker is suitable for heavier and bulkier loads. Available in two capacities: 300 and 600 kg. And in manual or electric version.

Complementary lifting equipment I

Complementary lifting equipment II