Column jib crane

Fixation to the ground by means of a counter plate or foundation.
They are quick to install and can be supplied in various versions:

  • Version with ribbed profile and brace. Very light and easy to maneuver. Provided with manual cart.
  • Version with beam and brace. By placing single or double tie rods, longer arm lengths can be achieved. The transfer car can be manual or motorized.
  • Version with cantilever beam. It allows maximum optimization of the available height and therefore the stroke of the hook of the hoist or other lifting equipment.
  • Version with articulated arm. When the presence of fixed obstacles prevents free rotation of the arm. Available in capacities from 125 to 500 kg and arms from 2 to 7 m. As there are no braces, the available height is also optimized

Load capacities between 63 and 10000 kg. Arm length up to 10 m. Column height up to 6 m. For higher heights, please consult.

For more details you can download the catalogue.

Catálogo Grúas giratorios Donati