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Since 1987, SIDEMSA has been installing and servicing lifting and handling equipment, as well as load transport systems.

We are distributors of hoists, jib cranes, bridge cranes, winches, vacuum lifting systems and so on.

We are authorised dealers of major European brands such as JD Neuhaus, Donati, Manupac and Gebuwin. We have our own engineering department and workshop, where we design and manufacture the elements needed for implementing all this equipment. In some applications we develop entirely the solution we supply to the customer.

Our market is multi sectorial. Most of the clients belong to industry (automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food…) and quite a few are in construction and civil engineering.

Highlighted products


Bag handling system

We feature a range of vacuum handling systems for sack lifting, starting at MSS30 model.


Bobbin handling systems

Four different options are available for bobbin handling, based upon its weight and kind of operation (only lifting, turning over).


Drum handling systems

MSB100 allows holding drums either by their cylindrical surface or by the top lid.


Manual, electric and pneumatic winches

Winches are well suited  for pulling and lifting loads whenever long hook strokes are required.


Wire rope electric hoists

 Ideal for medium and large loads. Comprehensive range from 800 kg to 40 ton.


Pneumatic hoists

JD Neuhaus pneumatic hoists offer a full variety of capacities from 125 kg to 100 ton.