Jib cranes

Column jib crane

Used in a huge range of activities: mechanical workshops, warehouses, truck loading and unloading areas, nautical ports, etc. But always for the same purpose: to lift and move loads quickly and safely.

Wall mounted jib crane

Also called a wall crane, although on many occasions it is installed on an existing column.

Motorized slewing crane

For handling loads in areas where it is difficult to navigate due to the presence of fixed obstacles or when the frequency of use of the crane is high.

360º turning crane

Allows continuous 360º rotation. Load capacity between 250 and 2000 kg. Arm length up to 7m.

Stainless crane

For the food, pharmaceutical, or any other industry where hygiene requirements are maximum, and also for corrosive environments.

Custom crane

If, despite the extensive range that we can offer you, you still cannot find the crane you need, we can help you by manufacturing it to measure.