Preventive and corrective maintenance of lifting and handling equipment



Machine breakdowns are very inappropriate. Such event always occurs in the worst moment, leading to stressing situations because they jeopardise production.

The best way to cope with them is anticipating to them. This can be achieved by preventive maintenance of lifting, handling and conveying equipment.

It is preferable and recommendable to make periodic check-ups in order to detect worn out parts, wrong settings and other abnormal situations that can lead to a machine stoppage.

We can carry out such check-up, after which our staff delivers a report stating the status of the piece of equipment checked (hoist, bridge crane, lifting table, handling system, etc.) and suggesting what corrective actions should be undertaken.

The easy and simple set ups are made during the check-up itself but when further actions are required, we submit a quotation so the customer can assess it. Once he or she has approved our proposal we proceed with the corrective maintenance, which will definitely help to avoid machine breakdowns.

This preventive maintenance we do it not only on hoists but also on bridge cranes, lifting tables, handling systems and conveyors. These check-ups are usually done once or twice a year. Should the equipment be used very intensively they are made every three months, instead