Handling equipment

Bag handling equipment

When it comes to handling sacks, we can offer MSS60 vacuum lifting system, which works fine for non-porous materials like paper and plastic.

Roll and bobbin handling systems

We feature four different systems for handling bobbins.

Drum handling systems

MSB100 vacuum handling device lets us hold drums either by its cylindrical side or by its top lid.

Beams and pallets handling systems

For handling beams and boards, MST100 is the adequate system, which is capable of turning over a wide range of boards and panels.

Box and package handling systems

For this kind of loads we can offer models MSC60 and SCC60.

Miscelaneous products handling

SIDEMSA ensures a suitable handling system for a very wide range of loads.

Stone and concrete handling

When the issue is handling stone and concrete items, we can supply MSPH150 system.

Large and heavy load handling

When you have to deal with heavy and bulky loads, SS1000 is at your disposal, ensuring and guaranteeing a safe and reliable handling.